Center Stringer Stair

Custom steel stair with cherry wood treads and handrail. The stair is designed as a kit of parts to be installed by general contractor on site. Majority of components welded assemblies of self-jigging laser-cut parts. The stringers are made of standard structural tube that is clad with laser cut flat plate to abscure the structural tube fillet and provide flange supportf for landing attachement.


Architectural design by Abelow Sherman Architects.
Detailing and fabrication by Caliper Studio for Bluestone Studio.
Wood trads and handrails by Paul Chandeysson.
Stair from above
Stair top run
Bent Plate risers
Stair switchback
Stair den side II

Stair details shop drawing.

Underside of TOP Landing
Stair den side I
Stair from below kitchen side
Stair den side I
Final image showing low-iron glass guardrails, Corian treads, stainless steel handrails and stainless steel structure.
Stair den side I
08-0521_Sicis Final 026
Stair den side I
Caliper Studio
spiral stair caliper studio
Stair den side I
Stair den side I
Stair den side I