Stainless Steel Lockers

Custom stainless steel lockers for a taekwndo studio. Each door is made of an angle frame with a wire mesh inset. Piano hinge is riveted to a tubular face frame. All subassemblies are blackened and waxed. Caliper Studio detailed and fabricated the lockers for Architecture + Construction of New York and Rodney Lawrence Inc. General contractor Bernsohn + Fetner.

Mesh detail

Mesh detail, material specification is 304SST #8 0.063GA Mesh.

Typical intersection

Typical intersection. All welds have been chased smooth. All faces have a 120 grit random orbital finish with a coat of stainless steel blackener.

TKD Locker Shop Drawing Sheet C102.

Shop drawing with project isometrics and weld callouts.

TKD Locker Shop Drawing Sheet C100.

Shop drawing with primary view and detailed sections.


Doors in action.

Caliper Studio
Doors in action.
Doors in action.
Handrail system at entrance. Photo by Scott Larsen.
Guardrail corner and baluster detail
Doors in action.
Doors in action.
Doors in action.
Doors in action.